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Our online banking has upgraded. See the specifics of what changed and what you can expect.

What to Expect With the Upgrade

The first time you log in to Online Banking after the upgrade, you will be guided through the steps to make sure your account is properly secured. It will take less than five (5) minutes to complete!

  1. Log in to Online Banking using your existing username and password.
  2. A pop-up screen will ask you to update your username and password  if your existing username and password do not meet the security requirements.
  3. A pop-up screen will ask you to confirm or add your phone number(s) and email address.
  4. Select where you would then like to receive your passcode.
  5. You can then choose to register your device by simply selecting “Yes, register this computer” (only recommended for your personal device).

The biggest change is that challenge questions can no longer be used to verify your identity.

New Navigation Screen - Check out the new look of online banking!

Interactive Bill Pay Demo - Bill Pay is getting an updated look with improved functionality, too!
Note: This demo is a public page with no login required - do not post actual account information

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