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Save and Drive!
Invest in America’s Credit Union Member Discount from GM helps members like you save hundreds, even thousands on a new Chevy, Buick or GMC in three great ways:
1. Get preferred pricing on most new Chevy, Buick or GMC vehicles
2. Stack dealer incentives on top of the Invest in America discount
3. Save big with low vehicle loan rates from Barksdale Federal.
GM preferred pricing is only a few clicks away. Just obtain your discount authorization number on the GM microsite and then contact us to secure a low-rate vehicle loan.
It’s that quick and easy! Get your authorization number and start saving at


Talk about savings!

Say hello to the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount. Let us introduce you to valuable savings (10-15%!) on monthly wireless bills, mobile phones and accessories – plus waived application and upgrade fees. It’s all possible thanks to Invest in America and Sprint’s Credit Union Member Discount program. You can even save on smartphones, push-to-talk and business accounts. All this, just for being a credit union member!
Get the details at