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Safe Deposit Box

Keep all your valuables safe and secure. (Availability may vary depending upon location.)

Sizes Discount Price* Full Price
3x5 $15.00 per year $20.00 per year
5x5 $20.00 per year $30.00 per year
3x10 $25.00 per year $35.00 per year
5x10 $35.00 per year $55.00 per year
10x10 $50.00 per year $85.00 per year

*Eligibility for the discount pricing will be achieved when boxes are opened for members with 2 products - one of which is a checking account and an aggregate membership balance of $10,000 or more in loans and/or deposits.

NCUA does not insure Safe Deposit Box contents.

If you have any questions, please contact member services at 800-647-2328, option 4 or 318-549-8145.