Fraud News

Need to report card fraud? Call 800-647-2328, option 6
or text 318-549-8145 M-F 8:30 AM - 5 PM.

After hours debit card fraud call 866-274-2761.
After hours credit card fraud call 800-543-5073.

Stay up-to-date with the latest fraud schemes.

Fake BFCU Text Message:

Watch out for the new fraudulent text message in circulation. If you have received a text message claiming your debit card has been suspended - delete it. This text message is a scam.

Please be advised there is a fraudulent text message in circulation. If you have received a text message claiming your debit card has been locked or closed - delete it. This text message is a scam.

Watch out for fraudulent texts from individuals posing as "BFCU". The text reads "Barksdale.FCU: MELISSA, Your card ending in 7086 is temporarily Locked. Please call 877-216-2668."

Mortgage Text Scam

A member recently reported receiving a mortgage text appearing to be from BFCU.  This text is not from BFCU.  If you receive a suspicious email, phone call, or text – be sure to get in touch with us immediately, and together, we can help get the word out about the fraudulent messages.  Thank you, Melissa, for notifying us!

Fake Zelle Representative

Members have reported receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be a Zelle representative. The scammer wanted to verify a charge and asked the member to provide a “16 digit PIN.”  Hang up on these scammers.  If you gave any personal information away, please contact the credit union immediately to prevent account fraud.

Text/Phone Scam

Watch out for fraudulent texts from individuals posing as “BFCU”.  The text reads "Free Msg - Barksdale Federal Credit Union Fraud Alert - A representative will contact - Reply YES or NO or 1 to have a representative contact you."  Then the fraudster spoofs BFCU's phone number so it looks like the credit union is calling you.  The fraudster then proceeds to ask for your online and/or mobile banking credentials.  We will never ask you for your online/mobile banking username and password.  It is a scam. 

Fraudulent Text Message:


Zelle® Scam

Zelle is a great services to have available, but it is also a target for scammers. One of the most common scams in an effort to get access to your account involves password change requests. Never give out your password to anyone. Fraudsters may also try to call or text pretending to be your credit union stating you have had a number of suspicious transactions on your account. And then they will ask a series of questions or send you a verification password to prove your identity. They may also ask you to verify a charge on your account and ask you to provide a 16 digit pin number. These are scams to access your funds! If you believe you are being scammed, hang up and call BFCU.


Online/Mobile Banking Scam

Watch out for phone calls from individuals posing as “Fraud Reps”. The “rep” asks for your username and passwords to online banking and the “rep” logs into your online banking account and conducts external transfers (taking money from your account).  We will not call you or text you or email you requesting your online banking username and password. 


Fake Websites

Recently there has been an increasing trend of fake websites created by scammers made to resemble authentic websites, also known as “spoofed websites.” For example, the website may appear to be a financial institution’s online banking log-in page. Once the member enters their log-in credentials, they are obtained by scammers and used to defraud you and your financial institution potentially.
Another increasing trend in today’s financial world is phishing campaigns that attempt to coerce individuals into downloading fake windows or internet applications on their computers and using that information for malicious purposes. Barksdale Federal will never ask you to download any additional applications onto your computer or device. 
As a precaution and safety tip, we advise all of our members to log in to Online Banking on our website or the BFCU Mobile App. If you feel you have become a fraud victim, please contact BFCU at 800-647-2328 or visit a BFCU Center immediately to notify a representative.


Helpful Tips to Avoid Scams

  • Only call Barksdale Federal via the phone numbers available on our website
  • Do not share your credentials or provide one-time passcodes to anyone who is not authorized to access to your account. We will never ask you to share your online banking credentials.
  • Never click on links in unsolicited emails or texts.
  • If you receive a text, call or email for a one-time passcode authorization that you did not request, you should not respond to the text, call or email to validate the login.
  • You should never trust caller ID as caller ID may be modified to show you BFCU's name.