Business Line of Credit

Need ongoing financing, short-term cash, or working capital?
Our Business Lines of Credit are customized to your individual business needs.


Secured Line of Credit:
Opening a Secured Line of Credit provides a revolving credit line. You may borrow funds by securing this credit line against Commercial Real Estate, Accounts Receivable or Inventory.

How Secured Lines of Credit Work
Funds are based on advanced rate of collateral and you’re given a line of credit. The amount you have is based on the value of the collateral. You can use the funds from this line to make purchases for your business and pay the balance back over time. This is a revolving line, so when you make a payment, more of your limit is available for use.

Loan Type Advance Rate Term Maximum
Secured Line of Credit Up to 80%* 1 year $6,000,000

*The rate of advance varies by product


Unsecured Line of Credit
Opening an Unsecured Line of Credit gives you a revolving credit line to make business purchases.

Loan Type Term Maximum
Unsecured Line of Credit 1 year $100,000