Buddy Banking

Teach your kids, teens, and young adults about financial services with Buddy Banking.

Buddy Banking is a financial literacy tool for parents to help teach kids, teens, and young adults how to use financial services. The tool allows parents to reward children for hard work and completing tasks. Parents can set up chores and tasks for children to complete by assigning a monetary value to each task. Children can earn money from their parents for good grades. Children can also solicit small loans from their parents, request controlled amounts of spending money, and earn rewards for making sound financial decisions.

Key Features for Parents:

  • A financial education tool
  • A reward system:
    • Complete chores
    • Earn money for good grades
    • Saving money without spending it
    • Making loan payments on time
    • Paying off a loan
    • Creating a budget
  • A way to prepare your child for their financial future

If you have been looking for a tool to help prepare your child for their financial future, add the Buddy Banking service by selecting Buddy Banking in online banking or mobile banking. Making you your child’s banking buddy.