Personal Loans

Barksdale Federal personal loans are perfect for purchases, paying off other debts, taking a vacation - whatever your needs may be.

Personal Loans

Fund a Special Purchase
We offer personal loans at low and competitive interest rates. Whether you need help funding your summer vacation, wedding or another special purchase in your life, we’re here to help.

Consolidate Debt
If you’re looking for a way to pay off debt more quickly, ask a loan associate about our debt consolidation loans. We may be able to save you money and simplify the payment process. Apply Online, by phone or in person at your favorite BFCU location.


Line of Credit

Having a Line of Credit gives you the ability to “write your own loan” whenever you need a little extra cash. Once you’ve opened this credit line, you’ll be able to transfer funds to your accounts, use the funds and make payments towards the balance. Our Line of Credit loans may be used as Overdraft Protection on your BFCU checking account.

Credit Card

Not all credit cards are alike. Barksdale Federal VISA credit cards come with a great low rate, no annual fee, no cash advance fee, no balance transfer fee and the same great low rate on cash advances as on purchases.  Plus reward points!  Redeem reward points for merchandise, gift cards, travel and more. Find a listing of our credit cards here.  

Visa Platinum Preferred w/Rewards & Balance Transfer Annual Percentage Rate: 9.9%**
Visa Platinum w/Rewards & Balance Transfer Annual Percentage Rate: 12.9%**

  • Annual Fee - None
  • Minimum Finance Charge - None
  • Cash-Advance fee - None
  • Balance Transfer Fees - None
  • Grace Period 25 days when paid in full by next statement date
  • Card Replacement Fee $5.00
  • Foreign Transaction Fee 1% of transaction amount on all multiple currency.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee 0.80% of transaction amount on all single currency.
  • Late Fee $10.00***
  • Returned Check/NSF Fee $24.00
  • Statement Copy Fee $3.00
  • Ticket Copy Fee $10.00

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Introductory rate good for 12 months on all purchases and balance transfers. After that, the rate will convert to regular VISA Platinum card rates, currently 7.9% - 12.9%. Based on credit worthiness. To be eligible for a VISA 1.99 card, members cannot currently have or be joint on a Barksdale Federal VISA credit card. Balances on other Barksdale Federal loan accounts may not be transferred to your VISA 1.99 Platinum card. Not every member will qualify. Some restrictions apply. Eligibility for Platinum or Share Secured Visa credit card is determined by your credit information. All products are subject to credit approval. **The Annual Percentage Rate is based on certain credit-worthiness criteria. "Subject to change"
***If ten (10) or more days late. The information about the costs of the cards described above is accurate as of 01/2013. This information may have changed after that date. To find out what may have changed, please contact card services at 800-647-2328, ext. 8200.

Secured Personal Loan

Savings Secured Loan
Whether you’re just getting started or trying to repair damaged credit, our Savings Secured Loan is here to help you meet your credit goals.

How it Works
You’ll deposit $500 or more into your BFCU savings account. We’ll place those funds on hold in this account and give you a loan for the same amount. You can then use the funds and pay the balance back over a set term.

Looking for other ways to jumpstart your credit? Check out our Visa Platinum Secured Credit Card.