Barksdale Federal Rewards

Barksdale Federal Rewards

Barksdale Federal Rewards


Your everyday purchases have never been more rewarding. Barksdale Federal Rewards is simple, easy-to-use program that rewards you with points each time you use your credit and/or debit card. From groceries to fuel to utility bills, your everyday purchases will really pay off.

  • Credit cardholders:
    Earn 1 point for every $1 spent on signature transactions

  • Debit cardholders:
    Earn 1 point for every $5 spent on signature transactions

Earn rewards for every purchase.

Pay With Points

You can now Pay With Points using your Barksdale Federal reward points! Pay With Points is a convenient way to redeem points virtually anywhere, directly after purchase. You can select the transaction you'd like to redeem on the BFCU Rewards website, or sign up to receive notifications via text or email. When an eligible transaction has occurred, instantly redeem by responding to the text or through one click in the email.

To sign up:

  1. Log in to Online Banking and select "Rewards".
  2. Click "Real-Time Rewards", then "Pay With Points" on the main menu.
  3. Click "I agree" to the agree with the Program terms and conditions
  4. Select your preference, located under "Pay With Points", on how you would like to be notified of eligible redemptions.
  5. Remember to click "Save preferences" when you are done.
  6. You can now click "Redeem Rewards", then "Pay With Points" to redeem your reward points on eligible transactions.

Fuel With Points

Redeem your points for fuel with your Barksdale Federal Rewards debit or credit card. If you have enough points, you can use your BFCU debit or credit card at a participating gas station pump to get $.50 off per gallon. Select credit and the screen will prompt you to use your points, so you can fuel up and save money. Click here to find a qualifying station near you.


Earn Bonus Points Online & In-store

  • Ampre card-Linked Offers: Shop our exclusive network of local and national merchants and earn bonus points just for using your card at participating merchants.

  • Ampre Online: Shop over 2,000 merchants through Ampre Online and be rewarded even more. You'll earn bonus points on all purchases using your rewards card.

Cash Back Rewards

  • Deposit your Cash Rewards in your BFCU savings account*
  • Deposit will read "Rewards"
  • Funds will be deposited automatically, only fixed amounts. ( $100.00, $250.00, $500.00)
    * BFCU is not responsible or liable for account number errors.

Redeem Your Points for Rewards

Visit or call 877.829.0142 to redeem your points.

Instant Issue Locations

The centers below have the ability to print debit cards instantly which means you could walk out with your new debit card today!

  • Airline Center
  • Alexandria Center
  • Blanchard Center
  • DeRidder Center
  • Eastbank Center
  • Ellerbe Center
  • Fort Johnson Center
  • Hodge Center
  • Leesville Center
  • Longview Center
  • Mansfield Center
  • Minden Center
  • Northgate Center
  • Oakdale Center
  • Pines Road Center
  • Youree Drive Center
  • Stockwell Road Center
  • South Bossier Center